[RCU] Welcome / requesting advise on migrating to new server

Lance Raymond lance at fld3v.com
Fri Feb 21 16:37:34 CET 2020

Ah thanks, I did an install a few years back, was a full suite of some 
iMAP server, client, mysql, some themes, was actually a simple solid 
install, never realized it was just the client side.

But I will gladly give that a shot, thanks for the quick reply :)

madalin wrote on 2/21/20 10:31 AM:
> Roundcube is an email client, not a server. It merely fetches the 
> emails from the server.
> Try installing it on a separate server and configure it to point to 
> the server where your email server is.
> You'll probably have to migrate emails to a new server and then point 
> roundcube to the new one.
> I've successfully used imapsync in the past. Maybe that'll help you too:)
> Regards,
> Madalin.
> On Fri, Feb 21, 2020, 17:22 Lance Raymond <lance at fld3v.com 
> <mailto:lance at fld3v.com>> wrote:
>     Morning all,
>     I have a new client that has an old, old CentOS 6 server that is
>     failing so we want to migrate over to a new server.   The old
>     server I have console access, and a bit unsure on the setup as it
>     is running EXIM as the process, but the webmail client says
>     RoundCube.   There is no MySQL, so maybe it's just the GUI there
>     using, but I want to move to a new server, clean RoundCube
>     install, and wonder if there is anyone that knows if mail can be
>     imported into that server.
>     The current seems to be storing all the mail local, but I have 0
>     experience with EXIM so not sure if there is a way to export /
>     import, etc.
>     Any help, direction is appreciated.
>     Lance
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