[RCU] Calendar Plugin, with shared option (free or commercial)

Marc Roos M.Roos at f1-outsourcing.eu
Tue Oct 20 12:09:40 CEST 2020

I would also be interested in using a calendar plugin. I still did not 
decide what caldav/carddav server I should use. I used to test with 
ccs-calendarserver, but I think that is now even discountinued.

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Subject: Re: [RCU] Calendar Plugin, with shared option (free or 

Good morning,

We have adapted the old Kopano Caldav version to recent versions. We 
have it running. I had the consent of my company for making our changes 
open source and contributed. I just need some time generating the diff 
files. Ours one, supports even scheduling with free/busy view and of 
course shared calendars. But I will need some time for openning it. It 
should have been done some time ago, but... sorry I'm pretty busy at 
this moment... I'll try my best for openning as soon as possible...


El dom, 18-10-2020 a las 10:18 +0100, Jorge Bastos escribi :


	Thanks, but is it roundcube integrable? Didn't saw anything mention 

	On 2020-10-17 23:19, Javier Miguel Rodr guez wrote:

		Try this: https://github.com/agendav/agendav





		El 17/10/2020 23:53, Jorge Bastos escribi :


			I'm looking for a calendar plugin, to give my users the 
ability to have a shared calendar.
			Free or commercial plugin, is there anything that can do 

			Is this the plugin that I'm looking for? If yes, is the 
plugin updated on each RC new version?

			Thanks in avanced,

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