[RCU] * Some preliminar questions

Multimail multimail at multimail.com.br
Thu Sep 24 02:59:48 CEST 2020


I am in Brazil, but have 3 Dedicated Servers in USA, all of them 
LINUX CENTOS. I plan to have Roundcube running in of them, and 
reading / sending emails for mailboxes on the other two Servers. I 
need some help:

1) At roundcube.net I see at least 3 Versions:

Stable Version 1.4.8
Old Stable 1.3.15
LTS Versions

Which one would be the most adequate for me? Any guideline to choose?

2) I see there also some so called Packages:

Kolab Groupware

Should I choose one of them or should I download one of the Versions above?

Please, help. Thanks a lot.

Multimail - MJ Lima./

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