[RCU] out-of-office filter documentation?

roundcube at ptld.com roundcube at ptld.com
Fri Aug 6 23:04:28 CEST 2021

> Perhaps I'm just failing to find it, but are there docs for the
> Settings > Out of Office UI?

You would have to lookup documentation for "sieve" since roundcube 
itself doesn't do the forwarding, its just an interface, control panel, 
for using sieve which is a program that runs on the mail server.

> Mostly, I'm wondering what "Reply sender address"

"Reply sender" is the email address that will be placed in the out going 
emails From: field. It SHOULD be your email. However roundcube will let 
you put ANYTHING and your auto reply email will go out sent From: 
whatever you put. You run the risk of having your email rejected by spam 
filters if you put something invalid like an email address that doesn't 
belong to you or one that is valid for the email account you using.

And even though you didn't ask but it's related, the next "my email 
addresses" are the emails you want to trigger the auto reply away 
message. For example, say you have multiple email going to the same 
inbox, including aliases. You have myname at example.com and 
support at example.com as your emails. If you only put myname at example.com 
in this field then when you get an email from someone to 
myname at example.com they will get the auto reply. However if they sent an 
email to support at example.com they would not get an auto reply even 
though the email went into your inbox. So include all emails you want to 
send out auto replies.

> and "reply interval" are.

Reply interval is the number of days, like a cool down period, not to 
resend an auto reply to the same person. If for example you start your 
away on monday and put "2" for interval. Then someone at gmail.com send you 
an email on monday, they would get the auto reply. They send you another 
email on tuesday, nothing, no auto reply sent. They email you again on 
wednesday and this time they would get another auto reply sent because 
its been over "2" days since the last auto reply was sent to them.

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