[RCU] Misconfigured Mailing List DNS

roundcube at ptld.com roundcube at ptld.com
Sun Aug 15 19:25:08 CEST 2021

I also see that this mailing list is breaking DMARC. A whole other issue 
that could be fixed.

But im starting to get the idea that most administrators don't care 
enough to fix these problems because this isn't the only email-industry 
related mailing list with these issues. And yes it matters as we ALL 
want to reduce spam in the world. Im not attacking anyone's pride here, 
im just trying to be the squeaky wheel to make the email world a better 

For those who need over explanation...
Most spam comes from bots, infected systems, usually running from 
residential internet connections. Nearly almost all of these connections 
are not going to have valid FCrDNS. Most of the worlds spam could be 
stopped over night if ALL mail servers did not accept messages from 
clients without FCrDNS. The only problem is some legitimate email, like 
this mailing list, do not have property configured FCrDNS requiring 
other mail servers to leave that door open for spam to continue.

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