[RCU] Misconfigured Mailing List DNS

roundcube at ptld.com roundcube at ptld.com
Mon Aug 16 00:02:58 CEST 2021

> but before you go some breaking news for you since your obviously new 
> to hte world of lists, 99% of mailing lists will fail with dkim and 
> dmarc.

Yes, exactly. 99% of mailing list DO break DMARC when they don't have 
to. Its because people are lazy and incorrectly configure their systems. 
Id expect this from some amateur hosting their own kitty cat blog 
mailing list, id give them slack because they are not experts. But im 
bringing attention to the mailing list run by professionals in the email 
industry. Out of everyone on the planet you would assume THESE people 
would get email right.

> I note your the same clown whining about crap on other lists, what 
> wrong, missus leave you? or did you just wake up one morning to be so 
> sour, either way nobody here cares.

No, i just don't accept complacency and mediocrity as most people seem 
to do now days. People CAN do better, they just choose not to. But that 
wasn't the point of the start of this thread.

I was assuming maybe this mailing list didn't realize that they had an 
invalid non FQDN in their HELO message. Maybe it was a mistake, 
something easily fixed. Nothing wrong with bringing it to their 
attention. If they replied "we know we want it broken" then so be it, 
end of subject. But for some reason i seem to have triggered a lot of... 
i don't know what. Seems like angry people looking to lash out. I see 
you too jumped on the insult ban wagon, good for you. Feel better?

> please feel free  NOT to reply to me.

Arrogant and typical, rules for thee but not for me. If you didn't want 
to get involved then don't.

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