[RCU] Misconfigured Mailing List DNS

roundcube at ptld.com roundcube at ptld.com
Mon Aug 16 01:04:34 CEST 2021

>>> and you think that databases are falling from heaven?
>> No they aren't falling from heaven, and some databases aren't even 
>> free. What is your point? Servers don't fall from heaven either. So 
>> someone who is a professional email provider, who can manage to 
>> acquire servers to run mail servers on, can't for some reason get 
>> access to a database? This is unimaginable for you?
> jesus the data needs to be feeded by the ISP anyways

No actually they don't. One example is maxmind.com. Or do you think they 
are contacting every ISP in the world and asking for their IP's? Haha, 
no, they are getting the information form the source. Educate yourself.

>> Why do ISP's need to maintain RBL? There are companies that specialize 
>> in that.
> https://www.spamhaus.org/pbl/ listing/delisting is tyically done by the 
> ISP's

What are you talking about? No, listing and de-listing is done by the 
spamhaus company, it is their ban list. If you can read the link you 
cited, they are saying they will only work with an ISP's for getting an 
IP on their ban list to be de-listed. They don't want to hear from every 
residential user crying about why their IP was banned.

> well, just creep away

Yeah, that totally proves your point. You win.

> you are even fucking too stupid to run your own domain
> https://intodns.com/ptld.com and i wonder how you manasged to register
> it that way at all

By thinking outside of the box. Try it.

> Warn 	Different subnets 	WARNING: Not all of your nameservers are in
> different subnets
> Warn 	Different autonomous systems 	WARNING: Single point of failure

Oh no, im using one server for both DNS servers, i guess that 
automatically proves everything you said is correct. That was sarcasm. 
Instead of being able to prove me wrong you try some "what-about-ism"? 
Since i only have one mail server, and if that mail server is offline, 
then does it really matter if you can reach the DNS for that down 
server? Since its a personal and not professional server, who cares. Or 
you really suggesting i should deploy another server, using extra 
electricity, resources, and IP's to accomplish what? If the server is 
down, its down, and if its up then both NS servers work just fine. But 
yeah, that totally makes you right about HELO FCrDNS.

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