[RCU] Misconfigured Mailing List DNS

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Aug 16 02:25:09 CEST 2021

On 16/08/2021 09:03, roundcube at ptld.com wrote:

>> Worry about your own ptld if I was before trying to have ago at others
>> https://zonecheck.org/result/eff9260a9eda7515
> Those issues like DNS resolving and EDNS at the end of your scan, were 
> not because there are errors, but because the scanner got IP banned 
> part way through generating the report, causing my DNS to stop 
> replying. My server IP bans unnecessary scanning because generally 
> those are hackers and people up to go good. But for argument sake i 
> un-banned the IP's and re-ran the report for you to nit pick at:
> https://zonecheck.org/result/92747571d6cc5c49
> And your point? Because im using the same server for both DNS that 
> proves what? That everything i said is wrong? If what i said is wrong 
> how bout debate that on its own merits instead of resorting to this 
> kind of childishness. Hey look, i can run your domain too, omg you also 
> have warnings. So by your logic we are both equally what? Wrong?

you're the troll sprouting compliances ya muppet.

> My warning is ONLY for sharing DNS servers on the same /24, nothing 
> about actually being misconfigured unlike your server:
> No response from nameserver(s) on PTR query 
> (
> No response from nameserver(s) on PTR query 
> (
> Nameserver ns1.ausics.net/ allow zone transfer using AXFR.
> Oops. How does that saying go about stones and glass houses.

yes, he who thinks he knows everything, zonecheck is run on my network 
so of course my DNS servers will axfr for a test you dense donkey arse 

oh and yes  I have a tertiary dns server that has issues, sadly I cant 
control that, its on a third party network, and its been unavailable for 
4 hours, but I can control ns1 and ns2 which work perfectly :) as will 
ns3 allllllll the way over in the NL when their engineers resolve the 
SAN issue

Noel Butler

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