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Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Aug 16 02:30:37 CEST 2021

On 16/08/2021 09:04, roundcube at ptld.com wrote:

>> jesus the data needs to be feeded by the ISP anyways
> No actually they don't. One example is maxmind.com. Or do you think 
> they are contacting every ISP in the world and asking for their IP's? 
> Haha, no, they are getting the information form the source. Educate 
> yourself.
> Why do ISP's need to maintain RBL? There are companies that specialize 
> in that.
> https://www.spamhaus.org/pbl/ listing/delisting is tyically done by the 
> ISP's

What are you talking about? No, listing and de-listing is done by the 
spamhaus company, it is their ban list. If you can read the link you 
cited, they are saying they will only work with an ISP's for getting an 
IP on their ban list to be de-listed. They don't want to hear from every 
residential user crying about why their IP was banned.

you really should backout why you got the chance muppet, Harry's right 
the pbl is list where ISP's submit their DUL range to, you really dont 
know much do you kid.

Whats teh point of replying to the list to private emails ohhh you want 
to beat your puny little chest... you wont get anything changed by 
trolling this list, if you want that, you know the address to email, 
after all you are all knowing hahahaha in your own eyes anyway.
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