[RCU] Misconfigured Mailing List DNS

roundcube at ptld.com roundcube at ptld.com
Mon Aug 16 02:45:48 CEST 2021

> i am right about HELO FCrDNS because i am in the business for 20 years
> and know what i am doing - you don't

So what if you been doing it 20 years? That is not proof of anything. 
FYI, 20 years and you still have DNS errors that don't properly resolve? 
Tsk tsk. See, 20 years isn't a winning argument.

> "The sender-SMTP MUST ensure that the <domain> parameter in a HELO 
> command is a valid principal host domain name for the client host"

You are misunderstanding that sentence. If it ONLY said "The sender-SMTP 
MUST ensure that the <domain> parameter in a HELO command is a valid 
domain name." Then you could say you are correct. But that is NOT what 
it says. It does not say it ONLY needs to be a valid domain name. You 
keep skipping over the rest of the words. It says it must be a "valid 
PRINCIPAL HOST domain name FOR THE CLIENT HOST." Why do you keep 
avoiding the meaning of the *ENTIRE* sentence?

Even just logically, why even have a HELO name if it doesn't serve a 
purpose? If its not intended to be FCrDNS then why does it matter if its 
even a "valid" domain name at all? I mean if you aren't going to try to 
resolve it why can't it just be "3 & @ j()" for the host name? Maybe, 
just maybe if your can stop being so obtuse and open your mind... it 
needs to be a valid domain name ... so it can be resolved. Because as 
the RFC's say, and i keep repeating, and you keep avoiding "valid ... 
for the client host". I will speak slower for you. It does not say JUST 
"a valid domain name".

FYI, every time you resort to name calling and side tracking trying to 
"find" something else to insult me about like im using two name servers 
on the same /24 just goes to show you are loosing the argument and are 
desperate for a hail marry distraction.

If im wrong, show me why what im saying is wrong on the merits of what 
we talking about. Explain the full meaning of ALL of the words of that 
sentence. Explain what they mean by "principal host" if what they mean 
is just any valid domain name. Explain what "for the client host" means 
if they are not intending for the domain name to map to the client host. 
Use your big boy words and not childish name calling.

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