[RCU] Misconfigured Mailing List DNS

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Mon Aug 16 03:20:54 CEST 2021

ptld troll fix your mail client, I think your replying to me, dont know, 
your client is too dumb to include foo wrote indicators

> d read the words. I said there are IP databases available to let you 
> know if a connecting client is a residential IP allowing the server 
> administrator to block home connects from port 25 instead of relying on 
> the ISP to block it themselves. You are so eager to earn a brownie 
> point to feel important you don't fully read or comprehend do you?

your looking in the mirror muppet, its YOU that seems to want brownie 
points, I would have preferred not to have my monday morning interrupted 
by a troll but lucky me its approaching lunchtime.

> you wont get anything changed by trolling this list
> I did not troll "this list". Again, for the record, i sent ONE short 
> email to bring a non valid HELO FCrDNS to the list owners attention. 
> Nothing more. It is you guys that got triggered, piled on, and started 
> trolling me. I didn't address you first.

Bullshit, someone replied to you privately and you dragged the list back 
in to it with that and EVERY SINGLE REPLY  thus far by including the 
list, you are trolling. btw congrats ptld.com *IS* now in a DNSBL.

Noel Butler

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