[RCU] Plugin development question

Dan Conway darkc0de at archnix6.net
Thu Aug 19 22:36:38 CEST 2021


When writing plugins, it's possible to get user preferences and other 
data through creating a variable from rcube::get_instance(). However I'm 
having issues getting what skin is currently being used, rather than 
what the user has saved in their preferences.

I can retrieve what the user has saved with 
$this->rcmail->config->get('skin'), but this doesn't display which skin 
is currently in use.

For example, if a user has the skin "larry" saved in their preferences 
but "elastic" is the default skin, when the user logs out, 
$this->rcmail->config->get('skin') will report "larry". But the current 
skin viewable is "elastic".

Is there a way to retrieve the skin that is currently in use, rather 
than retrieving what the user have saved for preferences?


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