[RCU] Message date is blank

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Fri Oct 15 00:16:39 CEST 2021

> On 10-14-2021 3:51 pm, Andrew K. Mitchell wrote:
> [root at hcp config]# grep list_cols defaults.inc.php
> $config['list_cols'] = array('subject', 'status', 'fromto', 'date',
> 'size', 'flag', 'attachment');
> I don't see anywhere in any of those files where date is being
> overwritten.  If that's not what you mean could you explain further?

What i meant is how you have $config['list_cols'] inside of 
defaults.inc.php, just make sure it isn't also included inside of 
config.inc.php with a different value that does not include 'date' in 
the array. The variables inside of config.inc.php override the same 
variables inside of defaults.inc.php. Im guessing it is unlikely but you 
never know.

Do you know how to hack and slash PHP? The next step would be setting up 
some debugging in the PHP skin template pages to see what the values are 
of the variables that should be populating the date field. In PHP you 
can add the line

      rcube::console("Some debug msg: " . $some_variable);

anywhere you want to see what is happening with the variable values. It 
will write that out to the /logs/console.log file. And if that doesn't 
get you anywhere you can try to reach one of the authors of roundcube on 
github because i do not think he reads this mailing list. The github is 
more for reporting bugs and not so much for config help, so use your own 


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