[RCU] Both Roundcube and Squirrelmail webmail cannot search for anything because there are more than 200, 000 emails in my Inbox

Sven Hartge sven at svenhartge.de
Fri Apr 15 16:26:40 CEST 2022

On 15.04.22 16:13, Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming wrote:

> How do I solve this problem where both Roundcube and Squirrelmail
> webmail can't search for anything at all because there are too many
> emails inside my inbox?

This is a problem you need to solve at the IMAP server level.

The clients just send the SEARCH query to the server which then takes so 
long so execute it, it drops the connection or it times out in the browser.

Depending on your IMAP server, 200k mails in the INBOX is about 198k too 
many to be able to do a search without having any kind of dedicated 
database to rely on.

Dovecot for example can utilize several, including Apache SOLR.

If you are using Courier IMAP or ($deity forbid) UW imapd, then you are SOL.

But either way, there is nothing the client can do, when the server does 
not deliver.


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