[RCU] How to get RC to stop wrapping lines of a plain text message?

Kaz Kylheku 937-737-6257 at kylheku.com
Thu Apr 21 17:33:18 CEST 2022

I'm using Roundcube 1.4.13, packaged by Debian 11. 

I changed the following settings (see diff below) and restarted Apache.

RC is still wrapping lines when I compose a message, and saving
it that way to Drafts.

Is there anything else to try before going into the code?

diff --git a/etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php b/etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php
index ef0d022..cafa970 100644
--- a/etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php
+++ b/etc/roundcube/defaults.inc.php
@@ -626,10 +626,10 @@ $config['http_received_header_encrypt'] = false;

// number of chars allowed for line when wrapping text.
// text wrapping is done when composing/sending messages
-$config['line_length'] = 72;
+$config['line_length'] = 65535;

// send plaintext messages as format=flowed
-$config['send_format_flowed'] = true;
+$config['send_format_flowed'] = false;

// According to RFC2298, return receipt envelope sender address must be empty.
// If this option is true, Roundcube will use user's identity as envelope sender for MDN responses.

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