[RCU] Error updating database. [1022] Can't write; duplicate key in table '#sql-65c_d7b8'

James Brown jlbrown at bordo.com.au
Fri Mar 18 05:26:34 CET 2022

Running MySQL 5.7, php 8.1.3

Trying to upgrade to 1.6 beta (as couldn’t get 1.5 to update!).

I had to comment out the lines at the top of mysql/2020020101.sql re dropping the keys that weren’t in my database.

But now I’m stuck on:

Running update script at target...
Executing database schema update.
ERROR: Error in DDL upgrade 2020020101: [1022] Can't write; duplicate key in table '#sql-65c_d7b8'
Updating database schema (2020020101)... [FAILED]

I have no idea where this table is or how to get the update to continue.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, James.
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