[RCU] change text of mail delivery report

Gerardo Contreras gcont at unpa.edu.mx
Wed Oct 5 16:57:43 CEST 2022

The recipient of the original message? They do not get to see that there 
was a successful mail delivery report. It is generated by the system 
(and sent as MAILER-DAMEMON) to report that the system created a 
successful transaction with the recipient's mail system -- that is, that 
the message was properly dropped into the recipient's inbox. You might 
be thinking about the read receipt, which is (if approved by the 
recipient) sent by the recipient's mail system to notifiy that a message 
has been read.

The headers that I am talking about are the log of the transaction 
between both mail systems, as such, it is not necessary for the 
non-technical senders to read.

My apologies if I misconstrued your reply.

El 2022-10-04 20:29, Benny Pedersen escribió:

> Gerardo Contreras skrev den 2022-10-05 01:33:
>> Is there a way to change the text of the Sucessful Mail Delivery
>> Reports?
> no
> this reports are up to the recipient to change, if at all its sent back 
> at all
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